1. Read Me First

This site is essentially a thought exercise prompted by the realization that there is a fundamental inefficiency in how we value media – we don't effectively consider the value of data – and that if we looked at media through a Value Investing lens, we could solve for that. I feel like the insight that... Continue Reading →

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2. Value Investing & Media – An Overview

We do not put enough emphasis on data in this industry.  That’s probably not a controversial statement.  We pay a lot of lip service to data, but even when we do, it is typically in a very limited scope.  When data is mentioned, it is typically in the context of the panel-based or syndicated sources... Continue Reading →

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3. Thinking In Components

I’ll get in to a whole lot of detail in later posts about how we could really apply Value Investing to media.  This post is going to be a bit more topline, and the idea is to set up the range of possibilities for how far we could take the application of Value Investing to... Continue Reading →

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4. Synthetic Channels & Replication

If we want to try to build a framework for how to replicate a media investment opportunity, we need to think about the parameters that Value Investing would consider important, and try to apply them to media. Once again, reading What Is Value Investing would be useful, but not necessary. In replicating a company in... Continue Reading →

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5. Implications

Hopefully the idea of creating Synthetic Channels makes sense and seems pretty intuitive.  As it is, there are already a number of examples when we at least implicitly seem to acknowledge Synthetic Channels.  For instance, we often claim to be ‘screen agnostic,’ and a number of marketers will create ‘Video’ plans that use TV in... Continue Reading →

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What Is Value Investing?

Value Investing is likely best known as the investment philosophy that Warren Buffett has used to make his fortune.  To disambiguate from a strategy with a similar name, it is not the simple practice of picking the stocks that have the lowest price-to-earnings ratios (P/E).  Instead, it is a more involved discipline that analyzes the... Continue Reading →

An Intuitive Reason to Question Channels

I know it might seem a little radical to suggest that the way we define channels may be rather meaningless, and while I hope this site lays out why value investing would suggest that’s the case, if we look at it from another perspective, it actually seems fairly intuitive.  Either way, it doesn’t mean we... Continue Reading →

A Quick Note About GDPR . . . While I can only keep up on this from the outside by reading articles, etc., it’s important to address GDPR since it’s a major topic at the moment . . . and to that end, I want to make two points . . . As it relates... Continue Reading →

Data Intro

Since this whole site started because I think we don't properly account for the value of data in this industry, I figured I needed to write a bit more about data in our industry. There are a lot of things an agency can do to try to maximize the value of data, but I tend... Continue Reading →

This Is Data

I believe the first step to thinking about data more effectively is to just become more aware of how we - as people - relate to data. To that end, one of my favorite essays is “This Is Water” (PDF warning) by David Foster Wallace.  I’m a bit biased since DFW taught at my college,... Continue Reading →

Demystifying A.I.

You basically need to arm yourself with the ability to look at A.I. as more than a set of buzzwords with lofty promises that we read about frequently in the press or hear about from vendors Once you’ve started to make progress in thinking about data in a more holistic and expansive way, the next... Continue Reading →

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